Chris Gayle Wife- The stunning Chris Gayle Wife-Natasha Berridge (2023)

Chris Gayle Wife- The stunning Chris Gayle Wife-Natasha Berridge (1)

Chris Gayle, the famous Jamaican cricketer who is one of the greatest batsmen ever in T20 cricket who plays for the West Indies cricket team. He is the only player who scored a triple hundred in tests, double centuries in ODI’s, and centuries in T20’s.

Talking about Chris Gayle’s love affair, the only love interest know in his life is Natasha Berridge.Chris Gayleis famous and infamous at the same time, famous for hiscricketcareer and infamous for several controversies. Despite several controversies, Chris Gayle’s wife Natasha Berridge was always in support of him.

Chris Gayle Wife- Natasha Berridge Biography:

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Chris Gayle Wife- The stunning Chris Gayle Wife-Natasha Berridge (2)

Daughter of father Jeff Berridge mother Sandra Berridge, Natasha celebrates her birthday on 31stAugust. She is 35 years years old as of 2021. Tasha’s hometown is in her birthplace, Basseterre Saint Kitts and Nevis. She was born and brought up in Basseterre Saint Kitts and Nevis. She has a brother Richard Berridge sister. Natasha had completed her primary education at the Nevis School.

Kingston ofJamaicawas also where she lived. Tasha and Allysa Berridge are her other name. Her nationality is Jamaican. Her ethnicity being Afro-Jamaican. Tasha’s stars are lucky at Virgo.

Some of Allysa Berridge physical features being is that Allysa Berridge stands 5’6’’ tall. Allysa Berridge weighs 143 pounds and 65 kgs if measured in kilograms. Staying fit is her ultimate motto and she holds body statistics at 36-28-38. She has dark brown eyes to fall for and her hair color is black, personal life date of birth is 31st August 1986.

Better known as Chris Gayles’s wife, Tasha had attracted very many paparazzi as her partner, and one of thebeautiful wivesin the cricketing fraternity. Natasha is exuberant and lively and is as famous as her husband. She was her Daddy’s Princess as she was their only daughter and after becoming Chris Gayle’s wife she is treated none less than a queen.

NatashaBerridge like all other people has some likes and dislikes. Her favorite actor isRyan Reynolds. The actress who tops her list is Megan Fox. Her favorite color being the basics red and blue. She is a big fan of the comedian quite a perry.

She puts on her headphones to Rihanna and the Jamaican comedian always stays her favorite.The place she loves visiting isAustralia.

Her hobbies are that she is a fitness freak and loves reading books. Natasha does not keep interested in smoking and drinking. She is not a vegan and keeps her food habits very proper to maintain a strict diet.

Chris Gayle Wife-Natasha Berridge Work Life:

Chris Gayle Wife- The stunning Chris Gayle Wife-Natasha Berridge (3)

She has an extremely sharp sense of fashion. She is a social media queen as well as a fashion designer and hosts many famous fashion events. Tasha is the reason behind Gayle’s ostentatious dressing. She is responsible for promoting several activities relating to carnival and festivities.

‘Ultra’ is the name of the fashion brand which holds Tasha and her friend Ozelle as its founders. She had collaborated with several brands and they go through a yearly carnival. Besides being a fashion designer, she is also a model.

An intimate and unforgettable experience of all mas inclusive of the flawless and glamorous high fashion costumes is known as theULTRA Carnival. The entire carnival has a resemblance to a utopic world. Natasha Berridge owns the brand Ultra and is responsible for all the carnivals hosted by that brand.

As said earlier she is a very successful fashion designer, Chris Gayle’s wife Natasha Berridge almost gets a net worth of around USD 200,000 till 2018. Chris Gayle, on the other hand, has a net worth of USD 15 million. Natasha Berridge landed up in a controversy when a player, McLaughlin in theBig Bash League(BBl) jokingly asked her out for a date.

(Video) Who is Chris Gayle’s Wife, Natasha Berridge

Instead of feeling uncomfortable, she could very well handle the matter in a light tone only if she had the wits to talk to a batsman. However, Gayle commented,“Don’t blush, Baby”,making it the root of the controversy.

Gayle who had said this faced severe criticisms because many thought it was poor judgment. However, he had cleared himself saying that he had no intention to hurt anyone. Later on, the BBL team imposed an AUS 10,000 dollar fine.

The West Indies batsman and his wife Natasha Berridge own their own luxurious mansion in Jamaica. Besides being a three-storeyed mansion, it has full arrangements for in-house parties to entertain its guests. There was a time when it was the trending topic on Twitter.

The sumptuous nine-bedroom mansion has its own movie hall, multiple swimming pools, a mini theatre, and many more extravagances to be one of the seven richest splendid houses of international cricketers.

Natasha always had a love for sports and especially supported cricket. Her family was always closely connected toGayle. At the time when Chris Gayle had undergone surgery, Tasha had assisted him fully during that time.

Chris Gayle and Natasha Berridge Marriage Life:

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(Video) Chris Gayle with his Parents and wife Natasha Berridge

Tasha is the wife of Chris Gayle, the batsman in the West Indies cricket team. Natasha and Chris got married on May 31 in the year 2009. Natasha gave birth to Chris’ baby girl. Initially, their daughter was named Blush, but later on, it was cleared that Chris Gayle’s daughter’s name was Kris-Allyna Gayle.

Chris was overwhelmed at the birth of their daughter and mentioned that it was an experience of a lifetime to be called a father. The hitman wrote,” We would like to welcome the arrival of our beautiful daughter ‘Blush’ to this world 2 hours ago, Thank God. #GoodHealth&Strength- The greatest gift and feelings anyone would want. Great experience witnesses every bit of it. Have to give my blessings to Tasha,strong woman.”

Chris Gayle has a very loud nature. The carnival of 2016 at St Kitts and Nevis looked on at the couple participating at the festival of ‘Sugar Mas’. St Kitts can also be called as a Sugar City. The couple had enjoyed in the mas withChris Gayleflaunting his cool costumes and Allysa showing off her fitness curves.

The day coincided with their anniversary date and they decided to pull up an erotic dance catching the attention of social media throwing some controversy up against them.

The raunchy dance was related to some traditional West Indian culture. ‘Universe Boss’ is the name we refer to Chris Gayle with for his cool costume styles.

Chris Gayle and his wife Natasha Berridge have been living their life to the fullest making their own dreams come true. Gayle and Tasha are self-made personalities and very successful and their respective careers.

They have always been passionate about whatever they did. Chris Gayle is one of the most successful players in International Cricket with his remarkable batting skills.

He is not that young but still is appointed to play Brute Force shots batting ball beyond the stadium. On the other hand Chris Gayle’s wife, Natasha Berridge created her own empire is a very successful fashion designer. Together both of them make an extremely proud parents and are successful in their parenthood.

Natasha Berridge, wife of Chris Gayle hardly had any love interest before Christopher Henry Gayle. She was always connected to him from her teens and became his spouse when they realized their feelings.

Natasha the fashion icon got married to a totally different person of a completely separate career. In April 2019 Kris-Allyna Gayle turned 33.

There is a universal soft corner of all of us watching a father-daughter relationship. Despite being a monster on the field, when it comes to the daughter he goes soft. Chris has wished her a happy birthday in April 2009 calling her #UniversalBossPrincess.

When it was her second birthday, Chris dedicated a century against Sunrisers Hyderabad in the Indian Premier League, 2018. He dedicated the glory to his daughter.

On Chris Gayle’s 39thbirthday, he posted his little daughter’s picture captioning it as “greatest birthday gift of all time”. And also added that she was her “forever Valentine”.

(Video) chris gayle with his wife Natasha Berridge ||#chrisgayle #cricket

The father-daughter duo has already won millions of hearts and Kris has indeed lighted up Chris’s lifetime. Chris Gayles’ wife

Natasha Berridgeis also equally involved with her daughter.

Her daughter Kris got her genes of fashion and many times already dressed up in the carnival attire. Despite all these, we tend to see more of father-daughter that is Chris and Kris setting goals on social media.

Therefore taking a glance at Natasha Berridge’s life it can be summarized that she has always lived a life of a million, and was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

She has a very luxurious lifestyle and is a fashionista hosting many different carnivals and shows, parallelly living her motherhood at its peak. Natasha Berridge, Chris Gayle’s wife is a loyal lover and a hardworking mother.

Kris Allyna Gayle:

Chris Gayle Wife- The stunning Chris Gayle Wife-Natasha Berridge (5)

Kris was born on 31st May 2009 to Chris Gayle and Chris Gayle wife Natasha. Chris Gayle considers himself lucky to have such a beautiful and adorable daughter like her. The superstar of Jamaica Chris Gayle has totally changed himself after the birth of his daughter. Chris Gayle has adopted a healthy lifestyle which includes Christianity food habits.

Chris Gayle has turned into a beast of a master storm after the birth of his daughter and has been seen smashing countries like Pakistan, Zimbabwe, England in the world of international cricket. The double century scored by the Jamaican star Chris Gayle against Zimbabwe and England has been the most memorable one where he played the innings of a responsible captain in the matches. The age of Kris Allyna at present is 12 years.

Chris Gayle and Natasha:

Chris Gayle Wife- The stunning Chris Gayle Wife-Natasha Berridge (6)

The star from Jamaica Chris Gayle still plays international cricket. He has been dominating the game be it in the ODI World cup or the T20I World cup. There was a time when Cricket was not just a game for the star from Jamaica as he and the star from India Yuvraj Singh used to compete in IPL for who would be the highest run-scorer in IPL when Chris Gayle used to play for the IPL team Royal Challengers Bangalore. Chris Gayle is a big hitter in the world of cricket and ipl because of his massive height of 6 feet inches 3.

Chris Gayle with the growing age is becoming better day by day as age is just a number for him. Recently Chris Gayle has been seen entering the hip hop industry of India after he released a collaborated song with a great rapper of India Emiway Bantai.

Natasha on the other hand has been the back support for her husband Chris Gayle. Her husband always considered himself to be the luckiest to have a wife like her. Natasha is well known among her fans due to her non-vegetarian hobbies which are seen by her fans through her regular social media posts.

Natasha at present has taken up the professional fashion designer in Jamaica and has turned herself to be one of the best professional fashion designers in Jamaica. She has even established herself at the ultra carnival clothing line. She has always supported Chris Gayle for his game.

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(Video) West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle with beautiful wife Natasha Berridge #shorts #cricket

Chris Gayle has been seen as the same cheerful and loud person around Natasha and his daughter even after having a bad match, be it for his country, in India for IPL, or be it for Melbourne Renegades. Chris Gayle has found his backbone in life in the face of Natasha and Kris Allyna.

The universal boss of Cricket, Chris gayle has always been well known and has always been trending on Twitter be it for cricket or for entertaining the fans in one or another way. During a match of west indies vs India, Chris Gayle was seen having some joyful moments and dancing with his Indian friends Virat Kohli and Yuzvendra Chahal, such is the aura of Chris Gayle that no one can hate this man.

The chemistry between Natasha and Chris Gayle has been the best be it on-screen or off-screen, be it on Twitter or in real life as Natasha was the only one who treated her the same be it in his bad days or the good days.

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